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Founded in Barinas, Venezuela

Brief relate:

EXTASSIS NETwork, was initially created to provide the streaming audio service in the country due to the few offers and quality of the services that were offered at that time. In May 2008 we are born and we do it from the world of Radio since our founders since 1997 have been linked to the medium.

Due to the great acceptance that we obtained with our Audio Streaming service and the many requests we went on to offer the following products; Domain Registration, Video Streaming, Hosting, Web Page Development, Streaming Reseller, Hosting Reseller, Development of Native APPS for iOS and Android, VPS and Dedicated Servers, Our motto; ONE PAGE ALL SERVICES, this has led us to become the, or one of the leading companies in the country.

EXTASSIS NETwork understands what our clients need, so we try to bring you exceptional service and we are 120% committed to providing the best service at an affordable price.

Throughout these years we have created 3 brands, such as:, La Radio Impresionante and Impresionante Sports, all identified.


And we will continue to grow!


Our sales and support specialists are there to help you and are recognized by some as the best, the brightest, and the friendliest staff in the business. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and our team will work to solve any problem you may have and you can always count on a prompt response with the solution.


At EXTASSIS NETwork we are sure that you will be very happy with the services you purchase from us, however, if at any time you are unsatisfied and feel the need for my participation, I will always make the time to help you / assist you personally. Since our most valuable asset is our clients!

Juem A. Díaz,
EXTASSIS NETwork / Founder


It is founded on May 5, 2008

+800 Radios

They use our Audio Streaming service

+4777 Pages

Hosted on our servers

105,120 Hours

Broadcasting the signal of our Clients

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