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Great for Blogs, Micro Businesses, and Nonprofits


  • 1 Website
  • 5 GB of SSD web space
  • 1 SSL Certificate (https)
  • 1 1GB MySQL Database
  • 5 email accounts of 3 GB
  • 200 MB monthly bandwidth
  • More than 70 free applications
  • No ads or pop-ups
  • Use a new or existing domain

Why choose our Hosting

Our Free Website Hosting uses the same platform as our standard hosting packages. The same speed, safety and reliability are guaranteed – you don’t pay a penny!

Ideal for small businesses, organizations and blogs

Do you want to start a web business, project or blog without risks? Would you like more of your organization's revenue to go to the cause? Then host your site on the best web hosting platform in Venezuela, free for life.

No ads or pop-ups

Just as you don't like spam, neither do we, so we promise you will never receive them. With EXTASSIS NETwork's free hosting package, you'll avoid pop-ups, links, and banner ads that other free hosts might insist on.

Commercial use permitted

Our free hosting is not just for charities and non-profits. We believe that everyone is entitled to free, secure, fast and reliable hosting. It is offered with all domains registered or not by EXTASSIS NETwork


Where’s the catch?

Premium Hosting for Free?

We know it sounds too good to be true …

There is a reason why we offer free hosting for your website. In the end, we are a business, right? And while we love helping, we need to make ends meet.

Therefore, we give away our hosting in the hope that you can take it to buy from us, if your site is successful. It’s as simple as that.

It’s like an unlimited free trial of our high-speed, high-specification hosting. If your site expands and becomes popular, you can upgrade to one of our paid Web Hosting packages, WordPress Hosting or VPS, which will give you more freedom and resources.

So is our free hosting account suitable for your website?

Good for Small Sites

If you have a large and successful website, then our free hosting may not be right for you. If you’re starting a new site, or if your current site isn’t big and popular, then you can consider it.

You get 5 GB of storage space, which is equivalent to over 500 pages with lots of content. You will get 5 mailboxes for email addresses of 3GB each, which should be more than enough for most uses. You also get one (1) 1GB MySQL database that is large enough to be used by 99% of data focused websites.

The 200 MB monthly bandwidth limit is generous. This equates to more than 6,000 visits per month. This estimate is based on the average of how much each visitor downloads through our platform, so its measurement may vary.

Web Hosting


100% SSD storage

Incredibly fast websites with SSD drives

Web Hosting Venezuela


One Click Applications

Choose from over 70 installations like WordPress and Magento.

SSL Certificates


SSL Certificate

Included with free hosting


What you don’t get

Your free hosting will be exactly on the same hosting platform as our high-speed paid hosting, as fast as lightning! It will not be subject to any type of regulation beyond the limits mentioned above. For the sake of full disclosure, here are the things that are not included in our free hosting package:


You cannot create subdomains for your site, such as: or

Website Builder

Our drag and drop website builder will not be available on free hosting. However, you still have access to over 70 free website tools that can be installed with a single click.

SSH Access

Secure Shell network communication with Google-backed two-factor authentication is used to execute commands remotely over an insecure network.

Technical Support

Our EXTASSIS NETwork customer service is not available, but you can find all the help you need on our tutorial portal

You get the same features as our paid packages, subject to the limits set forth above.


How to get the best free web hosting

Request it

Make the request of the Free Hosting from the button! I want it!


Sign up

There is no charge to register in our client area


Check your email

It is mandatory that you verify your email address



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